We get to make people’s dream homes come true. We love our job! And it shows in our performance. See what some of our clients are saying about us.

Turned Our Dreams into Reality

“Our search for the right house took us to many places but nothing really felt like it fit until we met Bill Seymour from Carolina Diversified Builders. We had originally thought about going with a mobile home but we found it was hard to finance with as much land as we have. That’s when I talked with Bill about modular homes. After he explained the building process and showed me one of their model homes I knew this is what we wanted.

We were pretty picky with the things we wanted in the house but Bill had no problem meeting our wants and needs. He was very helpful in giving suggestions for colors for cabinets, countertops and flooring. I also want to praise him for how well he handled our lender. They were very difficult to work with and despite that he was able to get everything they needed in a timely manner. Anytime we had questions about the building process Bill was right there to answer them. I really felt like I was being taken care of like family and I know if I have any questions or concerns in the future, I can count on him to help. I also want to say that the guys he had building our front and back porch did a phenomenal job. They went above and beyond in creating exactly what I wanted in my covered front porch.

At first, we were nervous going into this process, this having been our first home we have built, but once we got going, I felt at ease because I knew we had a reliable builder working to turn our wishes into reality. I would highly recommend anyone looking to build a modular home to consider Carolina Diversified Builders as your builder.”

No Aggravation Building Experience–Extremely Professional

“Having purchased a piece of property in South Carolina, I decided to go with a modular home. After some extensive research, I decided to go with Carolina Diversified Builders as my modular builder. From the very first time I met Bill Seymour of Carolina Diversified Builders, I was totally at ease and confident I had made the right decision.”

“All the positive reviews I read were correct! When the time had come to figure out cabinets, counter top colors, flooring colors etc., Being a single guy and not really into interior decorating I was at a loss. That’s when Missy, Bill’s office manager and daughter came to the rescue. Between Bill and Missy, a plan was put together that I was more than happy with. And so, it all began. Now I was stuck in Connecticut almost during the entire construction period but Bill handled everything from beginning to end including the foundation, electric and water hookups, and he even had his electrician wire my pre-existing 30×40 shop. I had no stress or concerns during the entire process. My advice would be if you are looking for a hassle-free no aggravation building experience go to Carolina Diversified Builders, extremely professional!” –Bill Farley

Every Project Has Exceeded Our Expectations

“We have had the opportunity to work with Bill Seymour and his crews at Carolina Diversified Builders for many years and on several projects including both commercial and residential. All of the projects have been completed with the highest quality and attention to detail. Bill uses dependable subcontractors who can be counted on to know what they are doing and to complete their part of a project when they are supposed to.

Two of the projects involved professional office buildings which housed my business and needed to be top notch in order to serve our clients in an appropriate setting as well as providing an enjoyable work setting for the employees.

The most recent project was a major update of areas of our home. This project included a wide range of activities involving significant work in demolition, electrical, structural, plumbing, hvac, construction, painting, etc. Bill’s crews and many other subs were involved and Bill was on top every activity at all times. He kept us informed of all activities, schedule, costs, etc throughout the entire project and was always available anytime we had a question or needed some information. He made wise recommendations on some of the most difficult parts of the project and was highly professional on every aspect.

It has been our pleasure to work with Bill Seymour and Carolina Diversified Builders. Every project has met and exceeded our expectations and we won’t hesitate to call Bill for any work that we will have in the future. Bill’s commitment to christian principles and his personal deep devotion is demonstrated in all aspects of his life and he brings these to every project he undertakes.” — Keith and Nena Thomason

We Were Looking for a Solar Solution

After some time looking for dependable builders that could provide a solar solution, my wife and I found Carolina Diversified Builders. Bill and his team of professionals answered all of our questions; and installed a quality product. I am happy with the professionalism and service provided by Carolina Diversified Builders. — Jeff Jordan

To All Home Buyers Looking for a Builder

To all future home owners looking for a builder, I would like to tell you of my experiences using Carolina Diversified Builders.

My husband and I built a home and garage with Carolina Diversified Builders. We built the garage first and then the house. We built them using 8”x8” logs. I did some homework, I called two previous customers and they gave high recommendations. But I was unable to see what was built and how it was done. We had absolutely no idea what to expect. This was a bit of a leap of faith.

When the first logs came for the garage, we had poured the slab ourselves. It was less than perfect. Daren and his crew rectified all our imperfections and got the first course down. We did not make it easy for them. Watching the walls go up was just amazing. The quality of work was just amazing. And this was just our garage! Daren built us beautiful garage doors. They are massive! Each one weighs about 300 lbs. We love them.

After the garage was done we sat down with Daren and designed the future house. There were a couple of re-draws with the architect. We finally were ready for the house to be built. Once again our sensational crew came to make our dreams happen. Our old home was on the market and just as the garage was finished the house sold. We lived in the garage as the house was being built. It was a nice experience to be involved in the entire construction, from beginning to end.

I cannot speak more highly of Daren, Joe, James and Philip (Chief). They work like a well-oiled machine. Daren and James climb around hoisting the massive logs as if they weighed nothing. Joe and Philip keep them organized. They always have the next logs ready to go. James will call out measurements, Chief makes the cuts and NEVER makes a bad cut. Joe is a master with tiling and makes great suggestions. They work really hard all day, non-stop. They want to make it perfect.

As the house continued to be constructed, Daren and the guys got to know us. They always did things in our best interests. It was a wonderful working relationship. I always felt I could rely on their amazing level of competence. If I asked for a recommendation, they would give great ones. We would usually follow what they would recommend.

For example: We were going to use a local fellow for roofing. Daren, acting in our best interest, said he knew someone who could do it for less money and probably a better job. We took his recommendation. The roofing crew came, and had the roof on in four hours. It was thrilling!

I have learned that building a house is madness. It is like taking your entire life, and throwing it in a blender. When you volunteer to make things so topsy-turvy you need someone who can put the pieces together.  Daren and James, Joe and Philip are the best people to trust with putting those pieces together.

Our new house is beautiful. It is everything we hoped it would be and more. I highly recommend using them. I had a most satisfying experience. We LOVED Them. We miss them. It was as good a working relationship you can hope for. The final product is just terrific. We love our log home that was built by Carolina Diversified Builders.

Michelle and David Topper

Highly Recommend This Company

“We contracted for a huge remodel. Bill was key in consulting, advising, suggesting ideas and keeping me sane. Daren, Missy and the whole family did such a great job, were (and a year later, still are) dependable.

“We rely on them to help with contractors and maintenance. We trusted them implicitly and as a result the contractors they hired to do the work.

“Their family became our friends through this process. We highly recommend this company for your home-building needs.” — Larry and Kathy Gardner


Not Stressful or Challenging

Building any home is stressful…even your dream home. Let’s face it. So many things have to line up and go right to even start the build (20 years of planning for us after honeymooning in a log cabin).

Working with Bill Seymour in putting together our Gable Log Homes package was fun and satisfying, not stressful and challenging. One of the biggest reasons I selected Gable and Carolina Diversified Builders was the fact that I was working with my builder to get my package right…the opposite of their competitors. That was a huge plus for me because I knew this builder would not compromise their reputation on a sub-standard or surprise-ridden package. In this respect Gable/Carolina Diversified was delightfully different than the rest. When it comes to such an important investment, that extra bit of security was comforting and the deciding factor.

My hunch proved completely right. The package was exactly what we were looking for. The substantial, all-log and large timber cypress look is exactly what Gable delivered…our dream.

Oh, but there is much more! I pile of logs is just that without the Carolina Diversified team. You can only imagine our excitement and relief when the Carolina Diversified Builders team rolled onto our property. Every team member (6) went separate directions yet worked in sync with each other, knowing exactly what to do and in a mere 3-1/2 weeks our home was dried in. Not just dried in, but every detail superbly done. Extra time was taken when needed. Every request was fulfilled. In short, our house looks as perfect as anyone could expect. Each member of the team seemed equally skilled and motivated. It was just fun to watch it all happen.

While we have a lot of finishing work to do from here, we are convinced that we made the right decision with our Gable log package and having Carolina Diversified Builders dry it in. They have my highest personal recommendation.

Bruce W. Ford
Melrose, Florida

Attention to Detail is Unsurpassed

The Locascios family, in front of their new log home, says they recommend Carolina Diversified Builders.
The Locascios family, in front of their new log home, says they recommend Carolina Diversified Builders.

Hi, we’re the Locascios. We recently built a log home in Rumbling Bald Spa and Resort at Lake Lure, NC. We made the choice to contract Carolina Diversified Builders of Gilbert, SC, and are more than thrilled with the final product.

The home turned out more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. The attention to detail is amazing and they enhanced the plans along the way with any extra ideas and materials they could utilize in the design elements. Their eye for “uniqueness” set them apart – there are several handmade designs throughout the house that came from the land we built on.

Carolina Diversified Builders is Bill Seymour and his children, Daren, Billy and Tammy. This family is one of the most genuine you will ever meet, you feel like a friend from the moment you meet each of them. They kept us up-to-date with everything along the way, made tremendous suggestions and responded quickly to any requests we made.

The usual “bumps in the road” were handled with concern in our best interest. Their honesty and integrity makes the experience a true partnership. We would definitely do it all over again – who knows what the future holds? And certainly would strongly recommend Carolina Diversified Builders and the Seymour family, without hesitation, to anyone out there looking for a pleasant and thorough construction experience.

It Was an Awesome Experience!

My building experience with Carolina Diversified Builders, was awesome! From the moment I decided to build a cottage from HandCrafted Homes, Bill Seymour guided me each step of the way to the timely completion. They have a very knowledgeable crew. Bill has great design ideas, work was completed on time, the work site stayed clean, and he was always on-call if I had any questions. I give the highest possible recommendation to them!
Mary McIlwain

Bill Seymour is a Fantastic Builder

“Bill is a fantastic builder who takes great pride in providing the best product for his clients. The individuals that are clients of Bill’s quickly find they have made a friend that will always be there to meet their needs and will produce a finished home that is truely green, energy efficient and low maintenance.”  — Joseph Gilmore, Owner, Gilmore Consulting Services, LLC

Trustworthy & Technically Advanced

We turned to Bill Seymour and his family at Carolina Diversified Builders to build our retirement home in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was a long distance project, since we were living in another state at the time. But Bill took care of everything, from infrastructure and foundation, to the final design of the home. It was exciting to watch a home be placed on a foundation in one day. A few weeks later, we moved in. The quality of construction is unsurpassed and we pay half of what our neighbors do for energy. I highly recommend Carolina Diversified Builders.”

Best Experience Ever!

Bill Seymour at Carolina Diversified Builders were the answer to our prayers. We’ve been through the home building experience before and it can be frustrating.

But Bill and Billy Seymour at Carolina Diversified Builders helped us every step of the way. They problem solved and saved us money, all the while keeping the project on an exact schedule. We highly recommend Carolina Diversified Builders for your dream home! –Bill and Jane Swann