Timber frame great rooms in North and South Carolina, by Carolina Diversified Builders.

Soaring cathedral ceilings, the warmth and sturdiness of exposed timbers and energy efficiency combined with old world craftsmanship. Those are only a few of the reasons people choose to live in a timber frame home.

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Defining Styles

Having an intimate knowledge of the construction techniques used in the frames isn’t necessary to love the look of these homes. However, a basic awareness of the terminology is necessary for making a choice in understanding what the inside and outside of your home will subsequently look like. Post and beam construction is where vertical posts are connected to horizontal beams to create a structure’s frame. Posts and beams are connected with metal fasteners that can include screws, nails and through-bolts.

Timber framing, in contrast, is a specific style of post-and-beam construction that uses solid wood timbers. Since this ancient building method originated before metal fasteners, the timbers are joined by mortise and tenon. This traditional form of joinery involves the use of a wooden peg (tenon) from one timber that fits snugly into a hole or slot (mortise) of another. We only offer timber frames handcrafted by Cabin Creek Timber Frames, an award winning company of artisans who carefully handcarve each beam that goes into our timber frames.

Envelope Around Frame

By far, our most popular method for enclosing timber frames is structural insulated panels or SIPs (also known as stress skin panels). The reason for this is that SIPs can be quickly fastened to the frame and they offer unsurpassed energy efficiency, reducing heating and cooling costs by as much as 60% over conventional 2×4 construction.

Peruse these photos of timber frame great rooms and then give us a call to discuss your dream home at a free, no-obligation meeting.

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