Log Home Floor Plans

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Maine Collection 

The Maine Collection showcases the largest selection of home plans that will fit any lifestyle or budget. With over 25 years of experience, we have built a solid reputation for supplying one of the best log home kits on the market today. Steeped in the tradition of Maine craftsmanship, these log homes are manufactured in the Moosehead Lake region. The log homes are primarily crafted out of Northern White Cedar, which employ a purlin and truss roof system.

Most customers will fall in love with a stock floor plan from our collection, or one that is similar to what they are looking for. This is when our in-house design service team steps in. They can help you modify or customize any floor plan so that it truly becomes your family’s dream home. Or, if you already have a design in mind, bring it in, and watch our team bring it to life.





Northwoods Collection

The Northwoods Collection is our new line of Hybrid Timber Homes for those of you who want a higher R value without giving up the look and feel of a traditional log home. Build one of our new Hybrid Timber Homes with R25 walls using our pre-manufactured, pre-cut wall panels. Not only will this save you energy, it will save days or even weeks of labor during the construction process.

We will design and supply everything that we do for our log home kits, using the latest technology: Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). Quite often we are able to provide this new panel design for the same cost as our traditional log home packages. This new design allows you to select the type of interior that you would like, such as hand-hewn cedar or pine walls or cedar or pine v-match.

On the exterior, we provide our graded 2″ cedar log siding, along with optional solid log corners, so you can barely tell the difference between the look of siding and real logs.

Don’t get us wrong, we still love our world-renowned cedar log homes. We are merely offering an alternative for insulation purposes. Our log homes offer an R value of up to R9 on their own. Most of the heat loss in a home is through the roof, not the walls. Both of our designs, hybrid and traditional logs, have a continuous roof R value of R39.



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Woodland Collection

The Woodland Collection has been created for those who desire a log home but are building on a budget. The plans are employ comfortable, straightforward designs utilizing materials and methods that allow for the most cost effective construction available in the industry while maintaining the charm of a true log home. The cabins are designed for those who would like a home that is either a terrific smaller floor plan or a core home for expansion at a later date. The plans offer countless options to upgrade, while maintaining Moosehead’s reputation for supplying one of the best log home kits on the market today.

The Woodland Collection offers Moosehead’s 6×6 Northern White Cedar wall logs, conventionally framed roof systems, open-beam porches and quality windows and doors by Andersen. The Woodland Collection designs make great starter homes, camps, or budget-friendly cabins.


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Wilderness Collection

The Wilderness Collection has been designed for those who are looking for a remote hunting/fishing camp or cabin in the peace and quiet of the woods, or along the shores of your favorite lake. Each cabin is based on a small footprint and designed to maximize usable space. The Collection is made with our new 4″ x 6″ Northern White Cedar wall logs, conventionally framed rafter roof systems and quality Andersen windows to keep pricing affordable and allow for easy, first-rate construction in even the most secluded settings. The camps offer multiple options for upgrading, while maintaining Moosehead’s reputation for supplying one of the best log home kits on the market today.


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