Benefits of Building with Modular Technology

Benefits Of This Building System

Carolina Diversified Builders partners with a variety of different modular home manufacturers to build custom homes all over the Carolinas, from the seashore to the mountains.

What’s in it for home buyers when choosing a modular home? Today’s modular homes offer the benefits of custom design combined with cutting-edge construction technology. Here’s why.

No Unexpected Price Increases

Unlike site building, in which material costs can fluctuate wildly, modular manufacturers guarantee pricing for a specific period of time—usually several months. This gives you more home for your dollar.

Save Time & $$$$!

One can shave their construction time by more than two-thirds when compared to site building. With a shortened cycle time, home buyers can minimize exposure to escalating material and labor prices.

It’s Green

Factory construction gives modulars a solid green pedigree. They are well insulated, they can be sited for passive solar and there’s less noise when building in existing neighborhoods. This is augmented with little job site waste, as well as dramatically reduced dumpster and cleanup costs.


Because homes can be made weather tight within hours, it greatly reduces the likelihood of materials being stolen from the job site.

Built Tough

To withstand the rigors of highway travel and being lifted by a crane, modules contain up to 30% more materials than site building. Drywall, for instance, is both glued and screwed to studs and triple-headers are used around stairways and doors.

Build Year Round

As long as you get foundations in before the snow flies, you can build year-round with this system. This increases home buyers options of when to build.

Advantageous Pricing

Modular manufacturers buy in volume with favorable terms and pass that savings on to home buyers.

Up-To-Date Designs

Most modular homes today are one-of-a-kind designs, which means you get the home design you love that’s just right for your building site.

Less Inspection Issues

Modular homes are built to pre-emptive state building codes and in most states are certified by independent third-party inspectors. This means far fewer on-site inspections for the builder, less paperwork and fewer hassles for the home buyer.

Advantageous Financing

More national lenders are adopting programs specifically for those in this business. For builders, lenders have programs that can include model home financing, customized draw schedules and credit lines. On the consumer side, lenders are offering one-close construction/permanent loans.

Fewer Draws

A modular home may require as few as three draws before being certified for occupancy. Buyers save on inspection fees and you save on paperwork and hassles.