Building Techniques

At Carolina Divirsified Builders, we offer a number of cutting edge building systems to help build your new home faster and with better quality than old fashioned site building.

Modular Homes

When it comes to constructing a dream home, rarely do they look like cookie cutter designs. Indeed, whether you are seeking to build a weekend getaway or a retirement home, everyone brings their own personal preferences to their new home’s design. Then too, each building site is unique, with our goal to make your new home look like it organically belongs on that landscape–instead of being awkwardly imposed on it. With all these variables, you want a lot of design and construction options at your fingertips. That’s why Carolina Diversified Builders uses a variety of building systems and techniques to craft our clients homes–all discussed here in more in depth.


custom modular construction in south carolina
Modular doesn’t mean boxy or boring. Carolina Diversified Builders can customize any designs among hundreds of floor plans.

Carolina Diversified Builders specializes in building custom modular homes “on your lot,” using a variety of modular home suppliers.

The modular home system is light years ahead of the old fashioned site building, stick by stick. Indeed, modular technology is stronger, better quality and faster construction. Because they are built within a controlled environment, unaffected by weather, using the latest tools, modular homes are built stronger and greener than any on-site construction. Within the state-of-the-art factory, homes are constructed from the inside out; drywall seams, outlet joints and other openings are sealed airtight before enclosing them in the outer walls. Homes can be set and weather-tight within a single day, eliminating the danger of exposure to the elements, as with site building.

At Carolina Diversified Builders, we’ve built a variety of custom modular home styles, from ranch and colonial, to contemporary and rustic. So contact us today to find out how we can make your dreams come true-for less!

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Custom Log Homes

Carolina Diversified Builders offers homes made from full logs, as well as half log siding.
Carolina Diversified Builders offers homes made from full logs, as well as half log siding.

If you’re dreaming of buying and building a custom log home, you are not alone. More people live in these modern, rustic residences than in any time in our history. The warmth of wood, the solid construction and that powerful connection to nature, all add up to a feeling of safety and sanctuary that many of us crave in today’s uncertain world. And the Carolinas make a great setting for your dream home.

Carolina Diversified Builders only works with the most reputable log home manufacturers, to ensure the highest quality logs and timbers. Special care and attention is spent on streamlining the building process and perfecting the materials in order to deliver your completed home to you more accurately and in a shorter period of time.

At Carolina Diversified Builders, we’ve built a variety of log home construction styles. So contact us today to find out how we can make your dreams come true-for less!

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Timber Frame Homes

Timber frame great rooms in North and South Carolina, by Carolina Diversified Builders.
Timber frame great rooms in North and South Carolina, by Carolina Diversified Builders.

If you’re drawn to the timeless beauty of these homes, you’re not alone.  Timber frame homes have a enduring strength that resonates with all who get to experience them.

We use timber frames handcrafted by local artisans. One of the most compelling reasons to build a timber frame home is the longevity associated with this form of construction. Building without nails using mortice and tenon joinery got its start in the 1300s in Great Britain, which have been continually inhabited comfortably since then. And there are many which were built in the 1600s on in this country which are still lived in.

There are no load bearing walls in a timber frame. Consequently, one may have as many windows or doors in a wall as one wishes, and interior walls may be changed or removed as the homeowner wishes, with no structural consequences. Timbers may be recycled at the end of the buildings life, some centuries down the road.

The frame is quite strong by itself, and when combined with the very strong structural insulated panels or sips on the walls and roof, it becomes even stronger. Timber frames have been resistant to storms and seismic events which have destroyed many other stick built homes nearby.

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Solar Energy Options

Solar electricity is quickly becoming the energy option of choice for many Americans. The advantages for you, your family and the environment are compelling and easy to understand. Having a solar electric system installed on your home has never been easier. Many of our clients building their retirement home, opt for solar energy as a way of keeping energy costs under control, now and in the future.

At Carolina Diversified Structures, we’ve built all these options for our clients. So contact us today to find out how we can add solar power to your new home-for less!

Green Building Options

Bud and Louise Foster in front of their new ‘green’ log home.

Bill Seymour, owner of Carolina Diversified Builders, is a certified green building professional. “We built the very first certified green log home in South Carolina for Bud and Louise Foster and have built many more since,” Bill recalls. Understanding building science means a better built and more energy efficient home. We build all homes to meet energy star, this part of our commitment to you to build the very best energy efficient home for you. The Fosters’ home became the first home to be certified green by the Build Green Greater Columbia program. Additionally, the home is ENERGY STAR Certified and is a certified Gold level green home in the National Green Building Certification Program administered by the National Association of Home Builders Research Center.

The 1,983-sq.ft. home passed the battery of tests. For certification, the builder works with a certifying agent or third party certification company to ensure that each element of the home employs efficiencies and green practices.  The process begins with the design, is followed throughout construction and is completed with a final inspection and blower door test to ensure minimal air infiltration.

The Build Green Greater Columbia program is administered by the Green Building Council of Greater Columbia, which is affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders’ green building program. Homes in the program are third-party verified to ensure that they meet the criteria as outlined.  There are three levels of certification in the Build Green Greater Columbia program: Bronze, Silver and Gold.  The home built by Carolina Diversified Builders is certified at the highest level – Gold.

At Carolina Diversified Structures, we’ve built a number of green homes. So contact us today to find out how we can make your green home dreams come true-for less!