ICFs or Insulated Concrete Forms

Carolina Diversified Builders offers the Quad-LOck Concrete Building System.

Carolina Diversified Builders offers the Quad-Lock Concrete Building System.

Introducing the Quad-Lock High Performance Concrete Building System

In our continuing quest to offer home buyers high performance homes, Carolina Diversified Builders has added more high tech to our tool belt. We now offer the insulated concrete form (ICF) building system. This enables us to construct high performance foundations, above-grade wall systems and other applications that are 80% more energy efficient than conventional two-by-four construction.

Owners of ICF structures report they are far quieter, more energy efficient and far more resistant to fire. Because this building system is so strong, we can also offer our clients safe rooms and storm shelters made with this building system. Carolina Diversified Builders only offers the Quad-Lock building system.

BETTER Investment

  • Ultra Energy Efficient – The Quad-Lock system can reduce heating & cooling costs by up to 80% compared with wood construction.
  • Durable – concrete structures can last for 100s of years versus decades, with lower maintenance costs.
  • Smart – Insurance premiums and HVAC costs can be lower for Quad-Lock homes and re-sale values are typically higher.

BETTER Health & Comfort

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality – Quad-Lock ICF walls will not promote rot, mold or mildew. Reduced air infiltration allows better conditioning & allergen filtering of indoor air.
  • Comfortable – consistent inside temperatures without cold spots or drafts.
  • Peace & Quiet – with a 50% reduction in noise transfer compared to wood.
Homes built with this technology can be 80% more energy efficient than conventional construction.

Homes built with this technology can be 80% more energy efficient than conventional construction.


  • Super Strong – Reinforced concrete homes can be designed to withstand many hurricane/tornado force winds and associated flying debris, keeping your family secure.
  • Fire Resistant – Quad-Lock walls have a firerating of up to 4 hours compared to only 1 hour for wood walls.

A Foundation in a Single Day?

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